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William S. Fischer – Akelarre Sorta

183,70 lei

Label: Elkar – ELK HG 40
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Spain
Released: 2021
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Fusion, Psychedelic, Funk, Basque Music

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Coinciding with the release of the compilation “1972-1985 KATEBEGIAK Prog-Rock, Psych-Folk & Jazz-Rock Music from the Basque Country [Compiled by DJ Makala]”, in which has been included William S. Fischer’s “Pello Joxepe” song, we’ve just reissue this rare & hard to find cult record of Basque music, released on 1972 by Herri Gogoa label.


Pello Joxepe is in the bar, but this time he’s moving his hips to the sound of Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” funk-soul groove. These are the kind of psychedelic visions created by this esoteric “Akelarre Sorta”, an unparalleled gem. Believe it or not, the African-American saxophonist, pianist and composer William S. Fischer, who worked starting from the 1950s with stars such as Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Roberta Flack, Joe Zawinul, Pharoah Sanders,… to name a few. In 1972, he produced an album of catchy, funky versions of Basque popular tunes. Crazy, as mysterious as it is strange and surprising. Much more has never been explained about the recording, and intentions of those responsible from Herri Gogoa record label to contact Mr. Fischer and make this proposal. Desire to experiment? Pure illusion? Spread Basque music around the world? Searching for a great commercial success? Of course, the latter did not succeed, far from it, and immediately decided to keep the record in a drawer of forgotten curiosities. The charm of the mystery, however, remains the same and is here again, so here it is, ready to attract a new audience to join the cult following it has gradually built up over nearly 50 years. Warning! Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

(Text: Antton Iturbe)
released December 15, 2021

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